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Health Savings Account

Meet Lively – the modern HSA

Healthcare is consistently ranked as a top financial concern for freelancers, but a health savings account (HSA) can help put your mind at ease. That’s why Freelancers Union is partnering with Lively to help you save on today’s healthcare needs, and prepare for tomorrow’s unknowns.

Like a 401(K) for healthcare

An HSA is a personal savings account for healthcare expenses. It can be transferred from job to job, has no “use it or lose it” rule, and is yours for life. Designed to work alongside HSA-eligible health plans, like high deductible health plans (HDHPs), HSAs let you save when paying for common expenses such as glasses, prescriptions, co-pays, lab work, and thousands of other eligible items.

Triple tax advantages.

No other savings account on the market boasts as many tax advantages as the HSA. When you are enrolled in an HSA-eligible health plan, you can make pre-tax contributions, grow your funds tax-free, and withdraw funds tax-free for eligible expenses. It’s a smart and efficient way to look out for yourself and your family while working toward your financial goals.

Get the support you need.

Lively’s HSA is 100% paperless and designed to be simple and intuitive, whether you’re on your computer or on the go. With zero required fees, first-dollar investing, and a knowledgeable support team always within reach, Lively makes it easier than ever to get peace of mind.

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