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SPARK is the voice of the local freelancer, and it’s our job as leaders to make sure that voice is heard! Bringing the diverse and disparate population of freelancers together—creating community—is at the base of all we do.

Through our SPARK chapters, freelancers can support one another through the exchange of knowledge, networks, and encouragement. Your SPARK group, both online and in-person, should feel similarly empowered to share resources, job opportunities, and experience.

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Through SPARK, you could be the representative face of the freelance workforce where you live— you can form partnerships, sit on panels, join other meetups— all in the name of supporting your local community.

About Spark

A freelancer is only as
strong as their network

Freelancers Hub - New York City’s home for freelancers - was specifically created to empower and support freelancers through free coworking, community events, legal clinics, professional development workshops, and health and wellness programs.

Build Your Network

Meet freelancers, coworking space owners, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers. Not only will your network grow, but you’ll be seen as a go-getter and a firestarter.

Expand Your Community

Build a local and national community of freelancers. Work with like-minded folks to make freelancing better in your town.

Gain New Skills

Spark helps freelancers develop tangible professional skills through peer-to-peer workshops and discussions– featuring a new topic every month!

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We’re looking for members interested in building empowered, local freelance communities!

SPARK leadership is an opportunity to expand your network, grow your career, and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Spark FAQs

Have a Question About Spark?

SPARK is your local freelancing community, your free (yes, in this economy) place to learn, share, and grow your business all at once!

Every month, we meet in cities across the country to discuss one of your most pressing freelancing issues. Instead of making every freelancer reinvent the wheel, we tackle common and not so common roadblocks together, strengthening individually and together.

Do you freelance? Are you thinking about freelancing? Are you just interested in learning more about freelancing? Then SPARK is for you! From small business owners to graphic designers, from copywriters to musicians, and everything in between, the SPARK community is for all freelancers and interested parties, in all disciplines.

Spark is open to all local freelancers, however its value is in bringing local members together for networking, education, and potentially advocacy. Registration through or the Eventbrite will require interested attendees to become a member to sign up. Walk-ins should be checked in and signed up as Freelancers Union members via Eventbrite.

SPARK is about creating a space for freelancers to learn together on topics relevant to building their business, getting new clients, doing their taxes, and more.

Our monthly workshops offer an amazing opportunity to connect with new and experienced freelancers, and did we mention they’re totally free?!

We happily work with freelance-friendly businesses interested in sponsoring our events on a national and local level. Email to learn more.

SPARK is a member-led workshop and thrives on great, thoughtful conversation amongst peers. Currently, we don’t record the series.