Life happens and when it does, EVERYONE deserves to be covered

We’re making sure policy makers are recognizing that 1930’s era New Deal policies don’t apply to all workers and outdated laws and regulations fail to accommodate the way millions of Americans work. Labor. Paid leave is available to freelancers in 10 states and counting!


Learn about Paid Leave

Paid Leave in Your State

What is Paid Leave?

Paid family and medical leave can include:

  • Medical leave, which covers a worker’s own serious health condition.
  • Parental leave, which covers bonding with a new child. Parental leave may also be referred to as maternity leave, paternity leave, or bonding leave.
  • Caregiving leave, which covers caring for a loved one with a serious health condition.
  • Deployment-related leave, which covers needs in connection with a loved one’s current or impending active-duty military service, such as making legal or financial arrangements, attending official military events, or being with a loved one home from service on a short-term leave.
  • Safe leave, which covers needs when a worker or their loved one is a victim of sexual or domestic violence, such as seeking a restraining order or relocating to safety.

Where is Paid Leave Available?

Ten states have passed paid family leave and medical leave laws for freelancers.

State paid leave programs include: California, Connecticut, Colorado, Delaware, D.C., Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, and Washington. Check with your state to determine if you’re covered under paid leave laws or how to opt-in.