The Freelancer’s Guide to LLC Formation

If you’re like most freelancers, you can’t imagine going back to a 9-to-5. Being your own boss is incredible — you decide your own schedule, you design your own workflow, and you choose your own projects.

However, with great freedom comes great responsibility. You’re running a one-person operation, and there’s a lot on your plate. One of the most important aspects of being a freelancer, and one of the most overlooked, is your personal liability. Even though you aren’t in a large organization, freelancers are still subject to the legal scrutiny and financial repercussions that big businesses often face.

If you’re operating your freelance business as a sole proprietor — you’ll know you are if you receive payments under your SSN — you’re the only one in the spotlight when things go wrong. If that feels like a raw deal (spoiler alert: it is!) or you’ve heard about LLCs, S Corps, and C Corps before and want to learn more about how they work, read on.

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